Transition of Beta users from temporary beta license to release annual license

Dear Colourlab Beta member. We are so happy to finally announce that Colourlab has been given final 1.03 release. We would like to thank you for all your support over the course of past 3 years and for continuing helping us shape this product to be what it is today. We have decided to release Colourlab so that we can open it to the wider audience and to fund development of the product in the future. We believe that with bigger user base we are going to be able to take this product to the next level.

As a Colourlab beta user you are entitled to $200 credit from the store, which you can combine with current launch promotional discount of 20%. Just enter 'Cinegear20' to get additional 20% off.

Each plugin is priced at $240 for dual system activation which many of you have been asking for. But you can also opt for single activation at $200. We think that the best value for money is the Studio package that gives you all plugins for $380 ( with your credit deducted ) and you can add -20% to it, which brings total to $304 for 2 x full licenses.

To obtain your new license here are simple steps to follow:

1. Fill in Beta User Testimonial below. Ever since Amazon introduced product reviews in 2008, they have become so important when it comes to any online purchases. With your review we hope we will be able to grow our audience.

2. Fill in and submit the 'Beta Questionnaire 619'. We have several features planned and would like to hear from you how to prioritise them.

3. We will contact you shortly with conformation and discount code that you can then enter in the checkout 


What was your experience with our product like?


Do you have a  Question?

Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas


One year license with a simple single machine activation and free updates 




  • Universal Color Management Engine
  • Film Stock Profiles
  • SDR REC709 and HDR10 support 
  • Contrast Curves & Color Profiles 
  • LUT export

Universal Color Management Suite  with dedicated plugins for HDR Grading and ACEScct Look Design




  • Colourlab Look Design
  • Colourlab ACEScct
  • Colourlab HDR
  • Wide Gamut Color  Mastering 
  • Film Stock Profiles for ACEScct