Fast and Intuitive Look Development and Color Management using Image DNA Engine based on laws of human color perception.

  • Pristine Image Quality
    32-bit float, GPU accelerated, 4096 point processing, Image DNA processing engine
  • Dual Image processing Engine
    Completely isolated processing for contrast and color palettes
  • Perceptual translation between SDR to HDR
    Seamless translation based on laws of human color perception
  • Designed, Developed and Trusted by leading industry professionals
    Colorlab was already deployed on major Film and TV shows
  • ACES Film Stock Emulation
    Finally you can use popular film stock emulation profiles in ACEScct
  • Color Science Simplified
     Most advanced Color Science and image processing on a click of the button

With its unique set of tools and features, Colourlab Plugin Suite is going to improve your image quality and simplify your workflow. It will bring consistency in an instant. Colourlab gives you the full creative freedom to focus on the image and its intent as color science has been taken care of. It will remove many unwanted artifacts usually associated with film stock emulation, and it will allow you to effortlessly transition into HDR and ACES. Quite possibly, Colourlab is going to become the secret weapon you will rely on when it comes to look development and color management.


One year license with a simple single machine activation and free updates 




  • Colourlab Look Design
  • Colourlab ACEScct
  • Colourlab HDR 
  • Wide Gamut Color  Mastering
  • Film Stock Profiles for ACEScct

Upgrade from Colourlab to Studio. A universal Color Management Suite  with dedicated plugins for HDR Grading and ACEScct Look Design




  • Colourlab Look Design
  • Colourlab ACEScct
  • Colourlab HDR
  • Wide Gamut Color  Mastering 
  • Film Stock Profiles for ACEScct


Download Colourlab trial and test if your system is capable of running it and get familiar with its tools and color science

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Do you have a workflow Question?

We are happy to look into your individual workflow cases and see how Colourlab could best assist your production

Great product, great engineering. The color science is amazing and makes look creation less techy and more creative.

Cedric von Niederhausern 00f82eda176ee3b570505f1b4ed27b03

Colourlab has sped up color workflow immensely. Being able to create amazing looks quickly is a huge advantage. The quality is top notch!

Dave Levine 24228fd9e7ea7e65feaa4b72727dd01f


AMARA bd8709c9a5a44f8bf72c63449551b66c

Colourlab works really fast and easy and gives you awesome looks you wouldn't think of without the plugin. And best of all - all of that happens in the blink of an eye. I really love it. And my clients too!

Nico Wieseneder 6eac773b23330312ea98a110de0e89be

it was one of the tools in my kit that allowed me just create and not worry about technicalities of the craft when working on the fly

Daniel Ehimen 1931e8488df7fdf41a4932ea760d460c

There are so many "FILM LUTs" and "Converters" out there, but for me ColourLab is the only one which is doing it the right way. Smooth Colors and always good contrast options for Grading or on set.

Thomas Maier 848ea6dfca233525d61d12c4be6ab1f7

Overall, my experience with ColourLab is very good. It is a powerful tool to help you develop a look easily and use that look in different stages throughout production and post production. I've used it to colour manage my projects from pre-production to post and I've used it on ACES projects as well. ColourLab gives a lot of control to the user and can both be used to quickly develop something for on-set and to thoroughly develop in post with a ton of possible combinations of parameter settings.

Christiaan Daniel Wouda ffe56e94ece4fd7986e2a94dff6b04d6 and ACES 985dbe1f18ac858754526504ee2b5dee

It's a fantastic starting point in look creation. And gives full confidence that no picture information is lost in action. Did four full features with Colourlab an looking forward to do even more!

Tomas Rugys 4b1d95c95283b1049944a1cff1534fac

a product truly work when it takes away the headache of skill and allows you to be creative trusting it will all turn out well and that Color Lab plugin is to me

Daniel Ehimen bd8709c9a5a44f8bf72c63449551b66c

Works flawlessly every time. The ability to export a LUT has saved my ass a few times! It doesn't degrade or distort the image. Gives a really clean result! Awesome plugin. Highly recommend!

Jaemie Manners 51ecda09dbf4868c00c061ed50e181cb

I’ve been using the ColorLab plugin through its beta phase and it’s been a great time saver for camera matching and look development. It’s a great addition to my Resolve toolkit.

James Hawkes 248237940facef86787c8e3be2bbeb59

Colourlab is the best and most intuitive Color Grading plug-in for Resolve I've ever used. I sent all the other helpers into the desert. Finally I get skin tones that work without much tinkering and trial and error and a film look that is just brilliant.

Daniel Reichenbach d8be06efd1facd1556371d11b594ac3e